A note for parents with children. On Sunday mornings, during our worship service, childcare will be provided as follows:

  • During the worship service (starting at 10:00 am), kids from birth to three years old will be provided supervision by two childcare workers. They will be cared for in a separate room from the worship gathering. They will be provided appropriate toys, and a craft and story will be prepared for them.
  • Before the sermon starts (around 10:45 am), kids age four to five will be allowed, at their parents discretion, to leave to a separate room where they will be taught a Bible lesson. There will also be a craft and story prepared for them by two workers. 
  • All children are released to their parents before the end of the service in order that they might be with their family during the celebration of the Lord's Supper. This takes place around 11:15am.
  • No additional programming is provided for children ages seven and up. Instead, they will be seated with their parents during our family friendly worship service. 
  • We do provide children's bulletins for young kids which helps them follow along the theme of the sermon while sitting with their parents.