If you come to one of our missional community meetings, you can expect to be welcomed regardless of your religious or spiritual background (if you have one).

You can expect to meet some interesting people--like you.

You can also expect the agenda to vary.

Sometimes you might participate in a discussion of God's Story (a summary teaching of the Bible) or dialogue on a topic of interest.

Sometimes you might hear people share stories of their own regarding what God is doing in their lives.

Other times you might just meet for a meal celebrating something that's going on in the life of someone in the Crowded House.

Still other times we will meet to serve a family or a situation that needs our help.

In between formal meetings, we encourage you to spend time with others in your missional community. Stop by, invite one another over, and encourage one another in spiritual development and Christian maturity.

Children are welcome. Contact the leader of a crowded house near you to find out details regarding child care.