Launch Team Documents

The following documents make up Mercy Hill's Launch Team Commitment Packet. They are all PDF files, and so should be easy to download and read on your computer.

Some documents are multiple pages; only print them out if you feel the need to do so. At some point, you will be asked to turn in your commitment pages from these documents.

Please note: documents 2 & 3 have just been posted and are still in beta form. They are "Mercy Hill's Theology and Doctrine," and "Mercy Hill's Mission and Core Values."

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    1. Instructions

    This one-page document gives an overview of what we mean by "launch team" membership, and highlights all the parts of the launch team commitment packet.
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    2. Our Mission

    This is an explanation of Mercy Hill's Mission.
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    3. Core Values

    Here is an explanation of Mercy Hill's six core values.
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    4. Understanding the Realities of Church Planting

    This six page essay describes some unique factors related to becoming part of a church plant like Mercy Hill. It ends with a one page summary which can be signed and returned to one of our leaders.
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    5. Writing Your Story of Grace

    Your "story" is an important part of the story of this new church family. Writing out your story is a useful exercise as you think about sharing what God is doing in your life with others. Here is a simple format for you to use in doing this.
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    6. Place Survey

    These are instructions on how to take an online survey of your spiritual gifts. Please email the results to one of our leaders when you're complete.
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    7. Covenant

    This one page document is the final page in the commitment packet. Sign this and return it to someone in the leadership of Mercy Hill.