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    03-28 What will your neighbor see?

    On Sunday March 28's crowded house, we discussed our answers, as a launch team, to the question, "What will a visitor see at our next preview service?" This slide show presentation (ppt, pdf, and key formats) summarizes our group's answers.
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    02-28 Ideas about the Core Value of Discipleship

    These are the "back of the envelope" notes for the discussion of the core-value of "discipleship" that took place on 2/28/10 at the launch team meeting. In these notes, "GC" refers to Matthew 28:18-20, "the Great Commission" given by Jesus to the 11 apostles.
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    04-10 Launch Team Doodles

    These are sketches or "doodles" our launch team custom made in a fun debrief after our second preview service. The question we asked was, "What did we like, and what didn't we like" about the service? We tried to answer in terms of our mission.
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    05-16 Summary of Core Values

    The following outline sets forth an overview of the core values of Pastor Phil Henry's calling and those Mercy hill will embody as a church. These will be further developed in the weeks to come as part of our launch team commitment packet.
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    06-08 Elsmere Park Sacred Space

    A brief description of what was discussed at the June 6th launch meeting concerning the upcoming event at Elsmere Park for the people of Glassboro. The handout includes the mission, the vision, scripture, and tentative dates and details.
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    Empirical indicators of a missional church.pdf

    This is a helpful article about transforming church towards Mission.
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    Leadership Expectations

    Several men are meeting weekly to review whats called the 4 G's. We are also learning how to begin our own gospel communities, what we're calling "Crowded Houses." These 4 G's will be common occurences in our conversations with each other.
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    Mercy Hill Worship Service Invitation

    The following PDF has a 10-up (business card size) invitation for you to download, cut out (or print to business card stock) and hand out to your friends to invite them to the next three preview services of Mercy Hill.